Top Blogs to Read if You’re a Dental Hygienist

When you are working as a dental hygienist, you constantly worry about keeping up to date with the latest dental innovation and techniques that make patients comfortable. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you should know that you don’t need to worry about it. You can just check out our list of top blogs to read if you are a dental hygienist mentioned here and stay on the top of your game.

  • Vinograd

This expert focuses mainly on biocompatible and mercury free procedures. Though many aspects of the work he does are experimental, this blog is worth your time.

  • Jenn @ My Life as a Dental Hygienist

This blog is for people who aim to be a dental hygienist because the blogger allows you a few glimpses of what the life of a dental hygienist is like. You also get some tips for newbies here.

  • Dental Focus

If you are hoping to expand your practice, then this blog is meant for you. It tells you how to market your independent practice easily and shares some awesome tips.

  • Kevin Tighe

Beginners who want to learn more about the world of dentistry need to check out this blog. It has some amazing advice for starters.

  • Mark Frias

This blog is also for dental hygienists who are just starting with their career and need some useful advice.

  • Naomi Cooper Like Dental

Dental hygienists who want to explore the potential of social media to satisfy and engage customers must check out this useful blog.

  • Elizabeth Fleming

This blog not only teaches you how to market your services but it also tells you how to brand and market yourself as a dental hygienist.

  • Brent Cornelius

This blog is good for dental hygienists who wish to learn about myths associated with dentistry and know the truth.